Thursday, October 22, 2009

19th October 2009

After waiting so long, I finally got to watch Watchmen (2009). Comic book movies have never interested me, but I think this one was so visually stunning and has great actors in it, that I forgot that this was originally a comic book. Aside from all the violence, I found this movie interesting, but just a tad too long. It had that feeling towards the end that you thought it was going to end but they slam another 10 minutes on the end of it. A surprise for me was the appearance of Patrick Wilson. The weird thing was, that in Passengers (do not recommend that film) he was quite trim, but in this movie he looked quite pudgy and old. I knew he was in this film, but couldn't figure out who he was until he put on the Night Owl costume. Malin Akerman has a great future in films, if she keeps picking films like this one. My only criticism of the film is the length, but all in all it's a stunning film, and it's not just for comic book nerds.

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